Sunday, 29 March 2009

smoke and steam (etc) vol III


ok, so this is one of those things you see and think, er well obviously yeh, but you have to admire the person that had the balls to produce such a simple and quite literal idea on this scale with this level of detail. perhaps it can be post rationalised to shit, who knows, but i really like it.

clouds vol II

my mountain

i began this year by promising myself i would climb a mountain. i dont wish to climb a metaphorical one but a real, sharp, pointy, cold, snowy, awe inspiring mountain. i think this, although not technically a mountain is possibly my favoured location.

it is the Preikestolen in Norway. it is a massive cliff, 604 metres above lysefjorden with a perfectly square and almost flat plateau. there is a 2.4 mile hike to reach the top, encountering some very steep bits en route.

it overwhelms me.

stacks vol II


i want everything to be like this.

christiane feser

i enjoy the idea of making the 2 dimensional 3 dimensional and how it has distorted the images.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

simon boudvin - concave

these dead looking spaces have been made to feel very alive and very transient, like its promising a wonderful journey into the unknown, a passageway to heaven or a supermarket. i think its the contrast of natural, rough looking surfaces in very man made forms illuminated by the long delicate strips of warm white light. i feel very calm looking at these.

smoke and steam vol II

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

stacks vol I

i find multiples of the same type of thing incredibly satisfying. quantity and repetition.

Monday, 16 March 2009

i love

everything about this image. the monochromatic colour, the intensity of the sunlight, the way it falls on her body and how it bleaches the wall behind her, only realising its texture in the shadow cast by the curved arch. the way she holds the map over her head and how it shapes her body, how effortless the scarf around her head appears. the perfect figure hugging black and white bathing suit echoed in the sunglasses and make up and nails. wonderful.

IBM collab

in the future i want to design my bedroom / studio in collaboration with IBM and the 1970's. the second from the top reminds me of the scene in daft punks electroma when they get the faces put on their helmets. oh and i want to own all of the jackets on the back of those chairs.

space vol I

photographs from an early apollo mission, the astronauts using a trampoline in front of a black screen to recreate shots of them in space. im not sure of the point of this but there's something really beautiful about these images, captured movement. perhaps the first moon landing was in a studio...

smoke and steam vol I