Friday, 14 August 2009


antique book covers

second from bottom is an outline of greenland. it was a book about greenland. simplicity.

wimborne minster

i took a trip down to dorset a few weeks back to pick up a pair of new wheel rims for the bicycle. too excited to find the little town had an even tinier town, mesmerising attention to detail and eccentric imperialism. britain is cool.


obama tv



quinto bookshop

48a charing cross road. a good collection of antique books especially texts on the sciences, wildlife, astrology and geography. full of wonderful diagrams and illustrations. lovely. it also offers a respite from the tourist infested mayhem of nearby leicester square.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


church convert

purpose built buildings converted to places of worship are fascinating, especially when they borrow the aesthetic of the existing structure and context, utilising commercial signage, lightboxes and slogans to formulate their identity. religion to be consumed.

Saturday, 8 August 2009


these are four scanned pictures of hardcopies of the french nuclear test codenamed licorne, which was fired on august 24, 1970. the french army had these pictures taken on site. 64 years ago on the 6th of august, a 4 tonne uranium bomb was dropped on the japanese city of hiroshima. it killed 70,000 people on impact with another 70,000 survivors later dying from the injuries and radiation exposure by 1950. i'll blog some images later of that event because the complete destruction is sobering. but these images are incredible, there's something very elegant and peaceful about it's structure and colour, despite its intentions.



house of architects millinery